Oh how times have changed. It didn’t seem that long ago when procuring weed meant stealthy meetups with shady dealers, and now, in this wild new Time of Coronavirus, cannabis dispensaries have been deemed one of the few “essential” businesses allowed to continue operating while everyone shelters in place. No doubt this is cause for San Diego-area cannabis-lovers to rejoice, but don’t spark up in celebration quite yet. Like grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies, dispensaries are operating under strict social distancing guidelines, so you shouldn’t expect a typical dispensary experience for the time being. Here’s what you should know:

Prepare to make adjustments

Dispensaries are handling social distancing guidelines in their own way, but most are trying to avoid crowded waiting rooms and display areas by offering delivery, curb-side pick-up, and online and phone pre-orders. This means you might not be able to lazily peruse the merchandise before settling on your bud of choice, and you might need to rely more heavily on staff recommendations. Sure, this isn’t ideal, but nothing is right now so try to adapt to the new normal and be as patient as you can with your local budtenders.

Please don’t panic-buy

“Essential” can be a rather subjective term, even in times of crisis. Some people think it’s “essential” to have 1,000 rolls of toilet paper on hand, while most can make do with a regular 12-pack. Similarly, there’s no need to clean out dispensary stock and hoard ounces. Your local weed shop will most likely remain open for business—with restrictions—and there are plenty of others out there just in case. If anything, plan on buying a little more than usual so you don’t have to return to the dispensary as often—a two-week supply should be sufficient.

Be wary of the black market

Even after recreational cannabis became legal in California, the black market (aka those sketchy dealers from back in the day) never really went away, with plenty of buyers willing to take a risk on rando buds if it meant avoiding taxes. But even as underground dealers come out of the woodwork during this crisis, it’s important to remain as wary as ever. Now that you have access to lab-tested, quality-assured products from dispensaries, why would you go back to untested, uncertified weed packaged in a sandwich baggie? Unless you like smoking a surprise seed or blazing through several bowls and only getting a little high, stick to your local dispensaries.

Resist temptation while working from home

If you’ve transitioned to a work-from-home employee during the pandemic, first, consider yourself lucky—millions of Americans have been laid off in the last few weeks, and millions of others are considered essential employees and continue to put themselves at risk by having to interact with the public. One way you can show your appreciation to the universe is to not blow it. Working from home offers opportunities to get comfortable (wearing comfy pants or heck, no pants at all), but it also offers opportunities to blaze up during work hours because your bong is literally right there. Don’t give in to temptation though. Your job deserves your full, sober attention, and if you screw up you could be one of the millions trying desperately to apply for unemployment through clogged phone lines and crashing websites.

This too shall pass…Until then, we deliver!

Balboa Ave. Cooperative is happy to offer delivery services during these crazy times, and we’re even offering 20% off your first-time delivery order. For our full menu of flower, concentrates, edibles and topicals, check out our menu on Weedmaps. We’re looking forward to the time when we can once-again serve you in person, but until then, stay healthy out there San Diego!

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