If asked about which kind of weed is best for falling asleep, seasoned stoners would probably say “all of them, if you smoke enough.” That might have been true years ago, before legalization and the rise of distinctive brands and strains, but now you can customize your cannabis experience to achieve specific goals or address specific maladies, including insomnia.

Insomnia sucks, whether it’s acute or chronic

Insomnia is more than just an inability to fall asleep—it’s a medical condition that can be acute (difficulty falling or staying asleep for at least three nights over a two-week period) or chronic (difficulty sleeping for at least three nights a week for three consecutive months). And as anyone who has lain awake at 3 a.m. wishing their brain would shut up already can tell you, the effects of a bad night’s sleep continue on throughout the next day, negatively impacting your attention, productivity, and tolerance for irritating people or situations. Sleep allows your brain and body to recharge and refresh, so getting a full night of uninterrupted rest is crucial to your overall physical and mental health.

Many people with insomnia find relief with cannabis.

How cannabis helps you sleep

Even though cannabis wasn’t legalized for medical purposes until a couple decades ago, there is research from as far back as the 1970s that shows how marijuana is an effective treatment for insomnia. Recent clinical trials show that consuming THC not only helps you fall asleep, but it also reduces REM sleep, which is the phase when you have dreams and nightmares and your brain isn’t in restoration mode. At the same time, THC consumption increases non-REM stage 3 sleep, otherwise known as “deep” sleep, which is the most restorative form of sleep possible.

The best strains for sleep

As you probably already know, cannabis plants come in two basic subspecies: indica and sativa. Sativa is also known as “daytime” weed due to its uplifting effects, while indica is more relaxing and sedating. Some strains are hybrids of both. In general, indica varieties are the best for combating insomnia, but not all indica strains are equally effective. For inducing and sustaining sleep, the best indica strains for sleep will have a THC content of around 20%, but you might want to avoid anything stronger or else you might have some serious residual drowsiness (aka a weed hangover) the next day.

Indica brands to try for insomnia

There are plenty of indica strains out there with varying degrees of THC content, so the best way to find out which one works best for your insomnia is getting recommendations from a dispensary expert followed by some good ol’ trial and error. Here’s a few options to start with:

End your battle with insomnia the natural way

There are plenty of pharmaceuticals out there that claim to help with insomnia, but why not try a research-supported, all-natural remedy? Balboa Ave. Cooperative carries a variety of indica strains that will help you get the full night’s sleep your body and brain crave, so stop in or check out our full menu on our Weedmaps page. Have a question for us? Give us a call today at (858) 598-5004.